Author: Prasanna (Editor)

Advancing Clean Energy Among Indian Businesses

The Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) India is an industry-led initiative launched by World Resources Institute India (WRI

Why flyovers in Chandigarh is unsustainable and will not solve traffic congestion?

Building a flyover to solve traffic congestion is literally like pouring kerosene to douse a fire and while it

10 ways to invest in renewable energy

For the uninitiated, the variety of ways companies can throw their weight into the market for renewable energy quickly

9 things to keep in mind before quitting the grid

Think about the costs & payback Is going off-grid worth it for you in pure financial terms? Unless your

Advancements in Solar Photo Voltaic Technology

Where does solar energy stand today, and where does it need to go in order for us to make

Market Forecast 2016-2020 for Wind Industry

Wind power industry surprised many observers with another record breaking year in 2015, chalking up 22% annual market growth

Solar RoofTop -Replacing DG in residential socities

Across India, diesel generators, commonly known as DG sets, are used by factories, commercial establishments, residential societies and individual

Undoing the wrongs of fossil fuels-INDIA’S FIRST BIO CNG PLANT

There was a time when countries around the world would compete within themselves for being touted as the  most

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