Author: Sanjeev

evian to Becoming a 100% Circular Brand by 2025

evian announced that it will make all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic by 2025, a move that

India-Italy sign MoU on Clean Energy

The Cabinet was today apprised of a pact between India and Italy for cooperation in the field of renewable

Foldable Bike Helmets made from Recycled Materials

This London-based startup has developed a cycling helmet that could solve a common pain point for bicycle commuting, while

Artificial Photosynthesis System may lead to Greener Plastics

Scientists have developed a device that mimics photosynthesis and uses sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to produce ethylene gas

1.5 MW Hydro Power Plant in Drass, Kargil

The Biaras Small Hydro Power Project (SHP) of 1.5 MW capacity, in Biaras Drass, Kargil Jammu & Kashmir, was

Solar trees to light up parks in Kolkata

The West Bengal Government is taking a lot of initiatives to increase the share of renewable energy to the

Decline in Renewable Installation Cost to Drive Growth

A significant decline in the cost of installing solar and wind power over the last decade should ensure sustained

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