Eco-friendly products a hit at CII Coolex exhibition

At CII’s Cooltex Exhibition on 7th May in Amritsar all major consumer brands brought in green products, including solar powered air conditioners, the concept of green air and air purifiers. They say future belongs to alternate sources of energy that are safe for the climate and are sustainable while being economically viable. So, the consumer needs to be provided with options that check on all these criterion.Buyers today are well aware and are looking at eco- friendly options.

Today we have an option of solar powered ACs. The hybrid versions run both on solar power as well as electricity, and claim to provide 100% cut in power consumption. Similarly “green gas concept is also catching up among consumers. Usage of gases like R410A and R32 as coolants in ACs works on the principle that the highly compressed gas improves the quality of air conditioning while causing very little impact on the ozone layer. The technology is being widely used in India now. 

Products based on environment-friendly green technology found favor with the buyers. Mitsubishi Electric, a well-known Japanese brand, showcased products based on green technology using green gases like R410A and R-32. Videocon launched hybrid solar AC, which is 100 per cent energy-efficient. It works on both solar energy and conventional energy (electricity). This AC has been launched in 1 ton and 1.5 ton. Solar panel with a 25-year linear power output warranty and 10-year manufacturing warranty, and ACs with 5-year extended warranty were centre of attraction.