Tata Steel’s Noamundi Iron Ore Mine goes GREEN

Tata Power Solar has commissioned an innovative 3MW hybrid solar PV project at Tata Steel’s Noamundi iron ore mine.

The plant cost which costed INR350 million (US$5.4 million) is a hybrid with grid connection as well as optional coupling fossil fuel-based power generation to provide the mine with its continuous power requirements. In the event of a power outage, the solar plant is able to synchronize with the existing distributed generation systems onsite to keep on powering the mine.

The project also includes a rain water harvesting system, which collects all surface run-off from rainfall and module cleaning activities. This water can then be reused to minimize water use for module cleaning in a country where scarcity can be a critical issue.

Three branches of parent company and Indian giant Tata were involved in the project. These included Tata Steel, Tata Power Solar and Tata Power Trading Company. This is yet another milestone in TATA’s quest to become a sustainability-driven company, committed to exploring clean energy solutions.

Tata Steel will be the sole off-taker.