Portable Solar DC Washing Machine

This invention for a washing machine is interesting since it is a solar powered and portable one. Published in 2015, it is created by Amanpreet Kaur, Bikesh Kumar, Amit Kumar, Yashpal Choudary, and Mohit Solanki from Punjab and Rajasthan, whose initial idea was to reduce both energy and electrical consumption. It is mainly consists of a solar PV panel, a battery, a closed circuit with a solar charge controller, a bucket and a DC motor. It follows the same basic principle as other washing machines, where clothes are washed by a rotary action.

While this idea was successful in achieving its goals to save power through solar energy, being of low cost, easy maintenance, light weight, and with least complexity (fewer components), most of the raw materials used do have negative environmental impacts.

We feel that it is important to mitigate these effects and search for alternative, more eco-friendly materials while still retaining the functionality of the project. While it has its drawbacks, its concept has a wider scope in the future.