Renault Invests in Smart Charging start up -Jedlix

Groupe Renault is launching a new smartphone app, Z.E. Smart Charge, as part a fresh new partnership with Jedlix. Renault never slows down, and its 25% investment in this Dutch startup focused on smart charging is another expansion of its ecosystem approach to electric vehicles. Renault and Jedlix have actually been collaborating since 2015 to improve electric life for early adopters, so the French auto giant must have liked what it has seen in that time.

Since 2015 Jedlix has made it possible to better use the supply of renewable energy with electric vehicles. Jedlix launched its smart charging app for iOS and Android early 2016, connecting over 1,000 public charging stations for all full electric and plugin-hybrid cars. Its partners include Groupe Renault, BMW and Tesla.

Smart charging adjusts the vehicle charge to the needs of users and the available electricity supply on the grid. The vehicle charges when the electricity supply exceeds demand, notably during renewable energy production surpluses and during time slots when electricity is at its lowest price. It thus favors lower-carbon and less expensive energy.

Renault tags its new app, Z.E. Smart Charge, as “the app that earns users money.” In applicable locations, it allows Renault EV drivers to benefit from lower electricity prices since it helps them to charge at times of relatively high electricity production compared to demand.

Renault, of course, has been a leading force in the European transition to electric vehicles, and it intends to do much more soon. Renault aims to bring 8 all-electric vehicle models and 12 electrified vehicle models to market by 2022. This is part of its newly unveiled “Drive The Future 2017–2022” plan.

Groupe Renault has a new business entity — Renault Energy Services — focused on smart charging, battery reuse, and vehicle-to-grid systems. “Renault Energy Services will focus primarily on the development of smart charging, vehicle-to-grid interaction, and second life batteries.”