Mysuru Backs Electric Rental Cars

Having already set an example with its ‘Trin Trin’ public bicycle sharing (PBS) initiative, Mysuru is now all set to roll out electric cars for residents and tourists to promote shared mobility alternatives that are environment-friendly and sustainable, as a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.

20 E2Oplus electric smart cars were launched by Mysuru Deputy Commissioner D Randeep on Tuesday. The project is a joint collaboration undertaken by Mahindra Electric with Zoomcar rental company.

According to Greg Moran, who is the co-founder and CEO of Zoom Car, the cost of the electricity needed for these cars is 85 per cent lesser in comparison to petrol or diesel consumption.

The rental charges of an electric car are reported to be almost ten per cent lower than that of a regular petrol or diesel vehicle. Also, one can save up to 40 per cent of the cost while hiring a car with a driver.

The project collaborators plan on extending the same initiative in cities like Chandigarh, Delhi and Hyderabad soon.