Solar City Initiative for promotion of Rooftop Solar in Delhi Housing Societies

Under the solar city initiative program of Delhi Government, rooftop solar installations will be provided at a single point for the entire apartment complex and the electricity generated will be used by the housing society.

In the first phase, around 150 societies will be targeted in south and west Delhi. Based on the response, the program will be expanded to other residential areas. “To promote the use of solar energy, the government will also provide subsidy to the societies installing the infrastructure.

The solar power will be used for streetlights, running water pumps and other activities in the societies and the surplus electricity will be channeled into the national grid. Under the program, consumers will be educated about the benefits of solar energy and given various financing options for installation of the infrastructure.

The program promises to give huge benefits for the consumers. According to an estimate, a medium size (1kW solar panel) rooftop system can save about Rs 750 every month on electricity bills for a period of 25 years.

The project is being executed by BSES Rajdhani Power in partnership with private developers.