Kitsault Energy Plans to Turn Waste into Energy in India

Kitsault Energy (KE) is pleased to announce plans to turn waste into energy in India and Canada using a Proprietary and Patented process. It was founded to develop the energy riches of the Pacific Northwest of Canada by Krishnan Suthanthiran, who also is the President and Founder of the TeamBest Companies devoted to providing affordable healthcare. Reducing pollution and developing green energy sources is part of KE’s prescription for a healthy planet.

The waste includes legacy waste wood from pulp and paper plants, municipal solid waste, road waste, food waste, animal manure, and invasive species such as Gando Baval in India.The process produces high-energy water-repellent solid biofuel that burns with no residual ash making it ideal for coal replacement in the steel and cement industries, who together are responsible for 10% of fossil-fuel green house gas emissions worldwide.

KE’s process is a green solution to landfills and holding ponds that transforms the energy of decaying bio-waste into a viable coal alternative, which offsets fossil carbon dioxide, reduces methane off-gassing, and eliminates prions when used to treat animal manure. The process works especially well with high-moisture bio-waste, avoiding costly pre-drying.