Waaree Energies Launches do-it-yourself solar kit – ‘Pronto’

Waaree Energies Ltd., recently launched a first of its kind, do-it-yourself solar kit – ‘Pronto’.

Pronto is a result of the continued commitment of Waaree to make renewable energy accessible across the country. It brings together the best in technology and innovation, to a product that can be used across residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Pronto is available in the range of one to five KW, and requires only two people and 30 minutes to be installed.

It comes with a patented rooftop non-penetrating racking system, with a focus on a design that embodies simplicity and is sturdy to withstand any weather.

The product also provides, by bypassing numerous sourcing and logistics steps, the same cost benefits as large rooftop solar systems. In addition, since it can be used for any net-metering based application, consumers can get credits for excess generation gains.

The solar kits, which include all critical components like solar modules, solar inverter, and structure, are backed by warranty. It also comes with an inverter with latest Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology with remote monitoring and is available in both single phase and three phase inverters.