Siemens To Invest $37 Million in 3D Printing Facility

In 2016, Siemens purchased Materials Solutions, a company that specialized in selective laser melting technologies for metal parts and super alloys as well as 3D printing for the automotive, aviation, and motor sports industries. The new factory will serve the needs of Materials Solutions customers.

3D printing technology needs to be embraced in order to drive manufacturing in the UK forward. This significant investment underlines companies belief that there is huge potential for innovation and growth within the additive manufacturing sector. It is also the next step towards achieving the ambition of pioneering the industrialization of 3D printing.

It demonstrates how Siemens is leading the way for the fourth industrial revolution.

The new factory will create about 55 new jobs for engineers, metallurgists, and manufacturing specialists. It is scheduled to open in September.

Once the new building is completed, Siemens plans to increase the number of metal additive 3D printers it has in operation in the UK from 15 today to 50 over the next 5 years.

Siemens, like General Electric, has seen its gas turbine business collapse as renewables begin to replace conventional energy generation techniques. But the lessons learned will help the company lead the way to a future in which 3D printing will play a prominent role in reducing manufacturing costs while raising quality.

Last year, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers gave Siemens an award for its innovations in the 3D printing of gas turbine blades and parts of nuclear power plants.