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Siemens & Ashok Leyland Plan To Bring eMaas & V2G To India

Siemens Limited has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hinduja group‘s Switch Mobility Automotive Limited to play in


Calibrant Energy To Offer Energy-As-A-Service

Macquarie Capital and Siemens have formed a joint venture to finance and build distributed energy projects. The partnership will


REMCs To Aggregate Renewable Forecasts & Dispatch Schedules

Eight of the proposed 11 Renewable Energy Management Centres (REMCs) have commenced operations. REMCs were proposed to be set


World's 2nd Largest Ferry Network — Switching To Batteries

Washington runs the second-largest ferry system in the world, so switching from diesel to batteries in the early part

First Electric Highway For Trucks Opened In Germany

Electrifying truck transportation could save a ton of fuel: 20,000 euros worth for every truck traveling 62,000 miles (100,000

EV Charging Is Getting Faster

Speedy charging is considered essential to getting more people interested in driving an electric car. But there is more

Green Ammonia Energy Storage Demonstrator

Today’s ammonia plants use natural gas or other fossil feedstocks both to provide the energy required to power the

Siemens trying to be the Electric Aircraft Industry Standard

The German international giant seems to be everywhere from trains to electric vehicle (EV) motors to electric aircraft, Siemens

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