Siemens Has Developed Pre-Fab EV Fast Chargers Which Reduce Deployment Time

Siemens is exploring on methods to use pre-fabricated systems to shorten the time it takes to deploy fast chargers. Not only can pre-fab processes save building timelines, but they also cut expenses.


The VersiCharge XL concept, developed in collaboration with Nexii Building Solutions, is based on proven power distribution technologies similar to those used in data centres and industrial plants and allows for the rapid and efficient electrification of new or existing parking lots and building structures.

This system may be deployed outside and outfitted with Level 2 or Level 3 fast chargers due to its scalability.

A VersiCharge XL prototype has already been constructed at Siemens’ Peachtree Corners, Georgia, research and development facility for electrical goods and e-mobility solutions. Installation took just 3 days as per the company.

The Siemens prototype is the first in the industry to store all of the components needed to power EV chargers above ground in a closed, low-carbon structure. This saves costly and time-consuming building work while also decreasing construction waste and pollution on the job site.

The concept demonstrates how Siemens is developing novel concepts to assist the massive rise of electric transportation.

As more EVs hit the road and charging speeds improve, pre-manufacturing charging infrastructure will save time and money, helping to accelerate the EV revolution.

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