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New – Sakuu Successfully 3D Prints Fully Functional Batteries

Sakuu, a Silicon Valley-based revolutionary battery firm, has been attempting to bring 3D-printed solid-state batteries to market. The company


Tvasta Is Trying To Provide 3D Printed Affordable Houses In India

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a start-up started by IIT Madras alumni, has created India’s first 3D-printed home. The structure was

Steel 3d printing

One Of The Strongest Stainless Steels Can Now Be 3D-Printed

Strength and durability are vital for airliners, cargo ships, nuclear power reactors, and other critical technology. As a result,


Sakuu and NGK JV To Produce 3D-Printed Solid-State Batteries

Sakuu and NGK have established a partnership to create 3D-printed solid-state batteries. NGK will contribute to the development of


With 3D Printing Technology, PepsiCo Saves 96% On Tooling Costs!

Max Rodriguez (Senior Manager of Global Packaging) began working with 3D printers some years ago to bring new items

3DBio Therapeutics

3DBio Therapeutics Implants A 3D Printed Ear

A 3DBio Therapeutics team of scientists successfully transplanted a 3D printed ear constructed from the patient’s own cells. This


China Plans To 3D Print A 590-Foot Hydroelectric Dam

China intends to use artificial intelligence and the greatest construction equipment money can buy to 3D build a new

Wind turbine

GE Is Going To 3D Print Taller Wind Turbine Towers

Taller wind turbines provide a number of benefits over their shorter counterparts. They can reach higher altitudes where winds

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