Dhanuka Agritech : Promoting Sustainable Use of Water

Dhanuka Agritech Limited, India’s leading Agrochemicals Company in association with Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) organized a summit on water conservation.

The summit aimed to promote sustainable use of water in agriculture and other economic activities.

Dhanuka Agritech celebrates ‘World Water Week from 16th- 22 March each year under which more than 1100 field staff organizes famers’ meetings across country, educating them on water conservation in field, organizes multiple activities in schools across India. The activities are designed to raise awareness on importance of water conservation among children.

With similar approach, this year the company organized drawing and painting competition in200 schools acrossmany states which involved around 1000 students. Till now more than 1000 number of schools have participated in this initiative of Dhanuka Agritech Ltd.

Water is an important resource for everyone, especially for the farming sector.

It, however, is depleting due to excessive wastage. 70% of rainwater is wasted and only 30% is saved, according to a research. To overcome this critical issue, Dhanuka, over the years has taken multiple initiatives and came out with various innovative solutions.

Recognizing the impending scarcity of water nearly a decade ago company is educating and spreading awareness on water conservation through its flagship campaign “Khet ka pani khet mein aur gaon ka pani gaon mein”.

In past, to conserve rain water,company has also funded the construction of check dams at Jugalpura, Devipura (District Sikar), MainpurakiDhani and Sankotra, (Jaipur district), Rajasthan, which are now fully operational and have been filled with rainwater.

The company is also implementing various water harvesting units in various parts of Rajasthan, so that farmers have access to water for irrigation.

In addition, Dhanuka had made a ‘community water center’ in Banethi Village in Rajasthan for providing fluoride free safe drinking water to people.


Source: Dhanuka’s PR