Delhi Government Launches ‘Mukhyamantri Kisan Aay Badhotari Solar Yojana’

The delhi power department will soon float tenders to invite companies to set up the solar plants under the

Dear Government, India Is Just Not Prepared For Climate Change…Please Do The Needful ASAP

India, where one in every seventh person on the planet lives, has till date not conduct a national study

Jai Kisan : De-Risking Finance For Indian Farmers

Jai Kisan launched in 2017 with a mission to “derisk” financing for India’s farmers by underwriting and managing loans

Balancing Food Demand And Climate Goals

India’s economic growth is expected to continue in the coming decades, bringing with it increased per capita GDP and

NITI Aayog Along With IBM To Develop ‘Crop Yield Prediction’ Model

NITI Aayog has signed a deal with IBM India Pvt. Ltd some six months back to develop a prediction

Solar Can Provide Reliable Electricity To Agricultural Sector

Solar can be a game changer for the agricultural sector, saving precious water resources, reducing dependency on the grid,

Co-locating Solar Power and Agriculture

Sheep grazing in a field of solar panels will soon becoming an increasingly common sight as both farmers and

Ecobotix : The Ecological Pest Control Company

Ecobotix, a Danish company, which was founded in 2015 and the team behind it believes that modern farming must make

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