No Subsidy, No Waiver for Solar Power Users in Maharashtra

People installing solar panels in Maharashtra are struggling to get the promised benefits.

While the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd (MSEDCL) authorities are still charging them for the electricity consumed, the electricity generated on solar panels and used by MSEDCL is not even being considered.

They are neither getting this benefit, nor are being paid the subsidy that the government is ideally supposed to pay them immediately after the installation of solar panels.

A resident of Aundh on hearing the benefits of installing solar started the work in May 2017, it took him almost 15 days to get the form signed by the authorities. After all the permissions were in place, the system was finally installed in the Month of July.

But even after installation of two meters, the net meter for measuring the solar power supply and the regular MSEDCL meter, the bill amount being charged remained the same. It’s been eight months since the system was installed, but nothing has changed for him.

Despite getting a separate meter installed and spending Rs 7 lakh for the installation, he is yet to get the benefits. Even after repeated follow ups with the MSEDCL authorities. As per his solar meter reading almost 4000 units of electricity has been supplied to MSEDCL but didn’t get the benefit of a single rupee even after writing to PM Narendra Modi regarding this. But all in vain.

This is a common experience of many residents in Maharashtra when the officials were quizzed the only answer that they gave was that they do not have the system to read the net meter and do the calculation accordingly which is why they are not waiving off the amount from  bills.

But if that is the case why is the government promoting it before being fully equipped and asking people to spend so much money on installing the systems?