Udaipur Scientist gets Patent for Eco Friendly Machine

Ashish Khatri, an emerging scientist from Udaipur, has got a patent for his Banana Peeling Machine (BPM).

The machine peels off banana fiber and can be used to make eco-friendly paper. This machine was first made with wood, to test the effectiveness. Later it was manufactured with metal.

The BPM is 10 ft long and 4ft wide. Banana leaves are the raw material for this machine. The machine produces banana fiber out of the banana leaves and these can then be used to manufacture paper, cloth, natural diapers, plywood as well as cattle sterilization medicine and kidney stone medication.

This innovative machine, as per Ashish, will benefit the environment and will also help in decreasing the effect of global warming by 8-10%. He has received numerous awards for the same namely Technology Entrepreneurship Program, Budding Innovators Award etc.