whatauto To Promote Uniti Electric Vehicles

whatauto*, a Swiss website dedicated to promoting electric vehicles, has announced a partnership with Uniti, a Swedish company dedicated to creating an environmentally friendly city car.

whatauto is building a thriving community of electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts in developing countries, including India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, where the use of such vehicles could become a crucial component in tackling air pollution in densely populated cities.

Unlike other high-end EVs, Uniti is focused on creating hi-tech but affordable electric cars fit for mass adoption in these markets and around the world. Both whatauto and Uniti envision a future where EVs are a viable and popular option for normal families and individuals on average incomes.

whatauto is a resource for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts, where they can research different vehicles, book test drives, and leave reviews. whatauto encourages people worldwide to take EVs for a test drive. The site’s creators believe that a high proportion of those who give EVs a try will become converts.

In fact, they are so sure of this, they are offering incentives to people around the world to try them out through their mobility token. Simply by taking a test drive, participants will be rewarded with tokens valued at up to $2,500.

Uniti first electric city cars are likely to be on the road in early 2019. They’re intuitively designed for safety, sustainability and scalability. In terms of environmental impact, they will use around 75% less energy than combustion vehicles.