Solar Power : The Preferred Source of Electricity In Rajasthan

In last few years, the rates of solar energy have come down drastically in comparison to wind energy.

A record low solar tariff of Rs 2.44 per unit was achieved in Rajasthan in 2017 during the bidding carried out by solar energy corporation limited (SECI) for Bhadla Solar Park.

Experts believe that Rajasthan, given its geographical location, is more suited for solar plants rather than wind energy. The officials in department of energy informed that since the wind velocity is not much in the state as compared to coastal states and southern states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kutch area of Gujarat which makes Rajasthan a less attractive destination for wind energy as compared to these states.

However, the rates of solar energy in Rajasthan are the lowest in the country. The capital cost of solar plants has also come down in last few years, but that is not the case for wind energy, believes wind energy investors.

This has ticked off all the necessary boxes to become a favourite of the suppliers in search of an efficient source of power in Rajasthan.


Reference – DNA