Welcome To The World’s Longest Electric Bus

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New energy company BYD continues to evolve its business and its offerings to customers with the introduction of the world’s longest electric bus. The new BYD K12A is a 27 meter (89 foot) long beast of an electric bus that features two independent articulating points that connect its 3 unique segments.

The new bus features an impressive 250 passenger capacity that gives city transit authorities, airport shuttle operators, and other bus buyers one more tool in their toolbox that they can deploy to solve for their specific transit needs.

With a maximum speed of just 70 kilometers per hour (43 miles per hour), the bus is clearly designed for urban and campus operations, which its high capacity is well suited for.

The K12A also features BYD’s unique distributed 4WD system that allows it to seamlessly switch between 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive operation as it glides along its route, depending on the terrain.

This flexibility allows the K12A to optimize energy consumption while still delivering the 4 wheel drive performance needed on some routes.

DC and AC charging ports were also added to the K12A to allow customers to charge with either AC or DC depending on the solution that best meets their needs.

Reference- BYD PR, Clean Technica

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