‘Bring Your Bike’: Tern’s Compact Folding Bike

Today, bike manufacturer Tern is putting a spotlight on its latest uber-functional creation, the Bring Your Bike (BYB).

The BYB is an ultra-compact folding bike that transforms, as if by magic, into a compact unit that boasts one of the smallest folded footprints you can find.

The company called its new folding friend the Bring Your Bike because it was designed from the ground up not just to be a folding bike, but to fold into a compact package that can easily be transported.

When folded naked, a pair of rack-integrated spinner wheels affixed to the rear fender allow it to be wheeled around with just one hand.

The folding BYB impressively comes with 20″ tires that provide increased stability and stand in stark contrast to the diminutive 14- and 16-inch wheels most folding bikes come with.

The compact BYB also features the Tern DoubleDeck frame that increases the stiffness and durability of the compact unit.

It’s so compact, they even designed its very own roll-on luggage that enables you to take it with you on an airplane.

The Airporter Slim is a hardshell rolling suitcase that fully houses the folded up BYB. That makes it easy and safe to travel long distances with the BYB, after which it can simply be folded out and is ready to go within a few seconds.

Reference- Clean Technica, Tern website