The World Is Embracing Recycled Electronics

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Companies are using leading research and innovation in recycling and design to bring recycled plastics back into production of new tech devices such as smartphones, computers, washing machines etc.

The way the world is embracing recycled products there are good chances that our next tech gadget might be containing recycled materials. Moreover, closed loop plastics have a 11% lower carbon footprint than their virgin counterparts.

Companies like Whirlpool are focusing on the performance standards and expectations rather than worrying about the origin of materials being used.

Samsung permanently discontinued the galaxy Note 7, after incurring a loss of $17 billion. The did recycle 157 tons of note 7 materials but if they would have adopted a Modular approach, Galaxy Note 7 could have been re-used in many other ways.  

LG Electronics is leading the way in this direction and their role in the new EPEAT Mobile phone category spotlights the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

EPEAT is the leading global ecolabel for the IT sector which is being managed by the Green Electronics Council (GEC).

This program provides independent verification of manufacturers’ claims and the EPEAT online Registry lists sustainable products from a broader range of manufacturers than any comparable ecolabel.

National governments and thousands of private and public institutional purchasers around the world use EPEAT as part of their sustainable procurement decisions.

Solutions like the Puzzlephone, whose modular design enables a pain free transition from linear to circular economic production. The take-back loops is embedded in Puzzlephone’s architecture. It’s modular approach incentivizes producers and consumers to embrace it. 

Lower cost of ownership is obtained through extended lifespan and an afterlife for the discarded modules. In addition, there is an increased added value through repair options, upgrade etc.

It is time for Governments to take initiative and support an open platform and affordable hardware customization, for creation of sustainable green products.

A ‘Clean-Future Exclusive’ contributed by Harjinder Singh, Stakeholder & Chief Strategy Officer (Americas & Asia), Circular Devices Oy

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