HomeBiogas: Using Food Waste To Make Fuel

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Engie’s HomeBiogas has built up a solution that lets people generate methane wherever they are using just food scraps.

At its core, the HomeBiogas solution takes organic waste and, as it breaks down via anaerobic digestion, captures the resulting methane gas.

The gas is then filtered and piped directly into a gas burner where it can be used for cooking. Said another way, HomeBiogas takes waste and turns it into a valuable energy resource.

Capturing the methane resulting from the natural biodigestion of organic material allows individuals to make better use of a process that will happen in nature either way.

Instead of tossing our yard waste and food scraps into a compost pile, we can toss them into the HomeBiogas unit and use the resulting renewable, surface carbon-based methane to cook with.

Engie invested in HomeBiogas in the middle of last year and is now working with the team to scale the solution up.

HomeBiogas sells its products directly to consumers, so Engie’s global reach and significant capital represent huge opportunities to get the solution into the hands of more consumers.

The HomeBiogas units can be purchased as a kit that includes the biodigester and gas storage unit along with a cooktop for US$650.

Reference- HomeBiogas website, Clean Technica

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