Airbus, Safran & Daher Form A JV For Urban Air Mobility

Airbus has entered into a joint venture (JV) for a hybrid aircraft with the French turbine company Safran and airplane maker Daher.

And to prove the point that urban air mobility (UAM) is doing very well, Airbus aims to have the airplane ready by 2022.

How the 3 companies interact to create the hybrid aircraft is as follows: Airbus handles the aerodynamic integrations, installation of batteries, and control systems into a conventional DaherTBM airframe. Safran is in charge of the electric propulsion system, which means electric motors and the battery system.

Since the aircraft is a hybrid, it can cruise on electric power and only use its turbines for take-offs or other energy-intense situations. This makes this airplane ideal for late-night commuters to secondary airports, something many will rejoice to hear.

This project, kick-started by CORAC (the French Civil Aviation Research Council) with support from DGAC (the French Civil Aviation Authority), will develop technologies that boost the environmental efficiency of aircraft and meet the future needs of the air travel industry.

The purpose of this three-way collaboration is to validate technologies designed to reduce CO2 emissions, noise pollution, and create new uses for air transportation.

Reference- Clean Technica, Airbus PR