Rain Destroys A Major Section Of Asia’s Biggest Solar Plant

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Rain have played a havoc at the Asia’s biggest solar plant in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh (India).

The water coming down with high speed from mountains has completely uprooted and washed away the 250 solar panels of unit 3. The water has also inflicted damaged to inverters, cables, transmission lines, transformer panels etc.

The above situation arose due to 125mm rainfall and lightning accompanied by storm with wind speed nearing 10.44 m/sec and 20.26m/sec, recorded on the night of July 5, 2019. As a result of which water started gushing from mountain and newly created waterfalls which took the solar plant completely by surprise.

The Rewa solar plant has a 750 MW capacity out of which 3 units were currently functioning and were producing 520 MW. However due to this havoc currently only 2 units are functioning.

The supply from the 150 MW solar unit which was supplying solar power to Delhi metro has been completely shutdown. The 3 kms approach road has also been destroyed.

According to the damage report after the incident, the power generation had got reduced to 92.5 MW from the normal output of 250 MW.

Ministry Of New And Renewable Energy (MNRE) has been contacted and it has swung into action and is calling engineers from Mumbai and China to fix the unit.

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