Beautiful Plant Pots Upcycled Exclusively From E-Waste

EWA , the Bengaluru based company, behind the beautiful plant pots which are upcycled exclusively from e-waste.

Along with the connection to ‘e-waste’, EWA is also a term which translates to ‘continued life’ in Hebrew. The EWA logo, brightly imprinted on all their pots, shows a circuit in a circle, conveying the message that ‘What you give, comes back to you.’

The brain behind these is Bengaluru resident Sanjay Jangam, a Retired Commander of the Indian Navy.

After meticulous research, Sanjay designed the EWA pots. He then partnered with Rashi E-Waste Solutions, a recycling venture that has been sustainably processing e-waste since 2011, to curate an entirely sustainable solution.

E-waste is much more expensive as well as hazardous when compared to regular waste. Thus, recycling e-waste requires way greater precision and expertise.

Any type of e-waste is first segregated into three categories–metals, plastic and circuit boards. Metals and good-quality plastic are sold for reuse. Circuit boards are shredded and precious metals are extracted.

The leftovers of the circuit boards and cheaper plastics are dumped in landfills. This waste, along with insulation from electric wires, serves as the main ingredients for an EWA pots.

The pots last a long time even with regular watering or the addition of fertilisers to the potted plant. The EWA material has three times the compressive strength of M20 concrete. Moreover, the pots are 100 per cent recyclable as well.

Till date, they have produced around 1,500 pots!

Reference- The Better India