Ziptron: The New Powertrain For Indian EV By Tata Motors

Localisation of components used in manufacture of electric vehicles (EVs) is required for attractive price propositions along with investments in infrastructure to drive the demand of electric cars.

Keeping this vision in mind Tata Motors on Thursday announced its electric vehicle powertrain technology Ziptron, tailor-made for India, which will power a range of Tata electric cars, starting with a new launch in early 2020.

Powertrain comprises every component of the engine which converts power into movement. It includes the engine, transmission, the driveshaft and axles.

Ziptron has been designed in-house utilising Tata’s global engineering network. It has been tested across 1 million km.

The company said that it would provide eight years warranty on the battery and the motor of vehicles powered by Ziptron. The range will be around 200 km on a single charge.

The battery casing will have IP67 water and dust certification, under IP67 certification, an unit can be submerged in water up to metre deep for half an hour without any liquid damage.

Thanks to FAME-II scheme, electric vehicles have become affordable solutions and have given EVs the potential to go mainstream collectively with GST reduction announced earlier.

Reference- Financial Express, Tata Power PR, Auto India