SunFlare’s CIGS Solar Panels Are Being Used For Repurposing Landfill

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A new installation at a retired landfill in Israel leverages SunFlare’s thin, lightweight solar panels to transform the otherwise unusable sloped surfaces of the landfill into an important part of a new on-site solar farm.

Up at the top of the landfill mound, traditional ballasted fixed-tilt photovoltaic solar panels will complement the 40 MW SunFlare array.

Because the slope of the landfill surfaces are so severe and because they require so much additional mounting hardware to support their additional weight, traditional solar modules are ill-suited for such applications.

For instance the traditional module will weigh around 18 Kgs in comparison the SunFlare’s lightweight, flexible CIGS solar panels weigh only 6 Kgs, meaning they not only weight less which brings down the cost and stress on the supporting structure they are installed on, but make installation a breeze.

Critical to delivering on this project is SunFlare’s ability to directly adhere solar generating modules to the cover that seals the landfill material.

This lets the lightweight panels mount directly to the landfill cover without the need for additional hardware or importantly, penetrations.

The installation highlights the ability of SunFlare’s CIGS solar panels to adapt to new applications, taking solar where it would not otherwise be possible.

Reference- Clean Technica, SunFlare website & PR

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