Celebrate Diwali With Eco-Friendly “Green Crackers”

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Amidst the growing efforts in every sector to move towards eco-friendly alternatives, eco-friendly crackers mark a new way of celebrating Diwali with less impact on the environment.

Green crackers as they are called, is a new initiative by the Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). These crackers feature different formulations than the present crackers and fireworks you will see around in the market.

The goal of developing green crackers is to reduce pollution and minimize the health risks.

The green crackers or eco-friendly crackers are manufactured from alternative raw materials so that they leave lesser impact on the environment and pose lesser health risks.

They reduce dust & smoke associated with crackers by 30% and also reduce sulfur oxide & nitrous oxide emissions by 20%. They are currently available in the form of flower pots, pencils, sparklers and chakkar.

It is mandatory for the green crackers to be free of harmful ingredients like arsenic, mercury and barium. The manufacturers must obtain clearance for the green crackers from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization (PESO).

These environmental friendly crackers will help maintain the vibrant tradition of celebrations besides also providing livelihood to millions of homes that are solely dependent on the manufacturing and selling of fireworks.

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