Terra Nova Collection: Upcycling Canvas Fabrics From Military Camps

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Bombay Trooper, a worldwide fashion and accessory store since 2013 recently launched the luxurious and premium, Terra Nova collection, of bags and backpacks that are made from the canvas fabrics that once covered the tents and trucks of various military camps around the world.

These canvas fabrics literally traveled the globe and were brought in with sole purpose to upcycle them into what will become your own unique personal luggage, giving them ‘a new land’ (Terra Nova).

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas during his adventurous explorations, they dubbed it as “A New World”; with a hope to cause a global revolution.

Similarly, Terra Nova aspire to travel the world with a hope to have a similar impact – but of sustainable, recycled / upcycled, eco-friendly products.

Each of the bags in Terra Nova collection is unique and has distinct rugged marks from the times they once adorned prestigious cantonments.

What you carry will be a one-of-a-kind original timeless piece of fashionable luggage that has its own story to tell.

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