Enevate’s XFC-Energy Technology : 75% Charging In Just 5 Minutes

Enevate, a battery startup located in Irvine, California, says it has a battery that is of –

  • Higher energy density
  • Can be charged Fast
  • And cost less

It is providing a solution to a difficult problem for automotive OEMs and EV battery manufacturers — providing extreme fast charging with high energy density and at lower material cost than conventional Li-ion batteries, while being compatible with existing battery fabrication facilities.

Enevates new XFC-Energy™ technology achieves 5-minute charging to 75% capacity using an ultra high power charger. 800 Wh/L cell energy density is claimed.

By comparison, conventional large-format Li-ion EV cells are at 500-600 Wh/L and typically take over 1 hour to charge.

The fourth generation battery cells from Enevate are the result of over 74 million hours of battery cell testing by it’s scientists and the accumulation of 2 billion data points.

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The company has produced more than 1 million meters of high silicon content electrodes since it was founded in 2005. 

Enevate’s XFC-Energy technology has been designed for large-format pouch, prismatic, and cylindrical EV cells, utilizing its pure silicon anode paired with nickel-rich NCA, NCM and NCMA advanced cathodes.

Even though the company says it will be 3 to 4 years before it batteries appear in electric vehicles, that doesn’t mean it isn’t working closely with auto manufacturers today.

Battery charging times are still a key metric for electric car adoption.

5-minute recharge times could play an important role in convincing people to give up gasmobiles for EVs. Driving down battery prices will also help to lower the initial purchase price of new EVs, further driving the changeover to emission free driving.

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