Solarrolla: A Family Business That Creates 100% Solar Powered Retro Vehicles

Solarrolla is a family-owned business nestled in the foothills of beautiful Ashland, Oregon. At Solarrolla they specialize in vehicles that are 100% electric drive. They are charged using solar panel arrays mounted to the vehicle so you always have your charging station with you.

This creates a sustainable way to travel without the use fossil fuels. They are advocates for nature doing their part to mitigate climate change and help create a healthy planet for future generations.

Whether it’s a full electrical conversion such as the VW Bus, or outfitting an existing electric vehicle with solar, their business is to help make a difference.

Solarrolla have successfully retro-fitted several large vehicles (EStar, VW bus, etc…) with 100% solar power and have been getting upwards of 100 miles per day, and have aspirations of having a 300 mile per day vehicle.

Reference- Clean Technica, Solarolla website