OneBox – A Do-It-Yourself Hybrid Solar Solution For Back-Up Power

Diesel generators are the most common means of electricity back-up during power outages but besides being noisy and polluting, they are also the most expensive means of alternative electricity.

Such devices boast an operating efficiency of just 25%, require frequent maintenance and bring with them diesel storage requirements and fears connected to diesel theft.

Maharashtra-based Vision Mechatronics has installed a grid-interactive, lithium battery-based energy storage system coupled with a rooftop solar plant in South Delhi.

The building-integrated back-up power system – called OneBox

  • handles the electricity loads of an elevator;
  • five air-conditioners;
  • two ovens and water pumps;
  • slow-charging electric vehicle points;
  • communal lighting;
  • and lights, fans and plug points for one full floor of the building it was installed in.

The system offers a high peak discharge current which enables it to handle loads such as the elevator and air conditioners – which require an high starting current – with a comparatively small lithium battery capacity.

OneBox is a do-it-yourself hybrid solar solution that consists of the world’s smartest lithium battery, hybrid inverter and solar charge controller to give a hassle-free, plug-and-play solution for back-up power.

Integrating solar panels in OneBox not only helps in reducing their carbon footprint but also makes the system cost effective and improves power availability. Users with excess renewable generation can save money with net metering by using the grid feed feature of OneBox.

As for lifespan of the batteries, the product pictured in this article has a lifespan of 4,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge.

The system also supports single-phase outage and has a claimed response time of seven milliseconds, ensuring uninterrupted supply and zero blackout.

Reference- Vision Mechatronics website, PV Magazine