TATA power

Tata Power Enhances Its Renewable Portfolio By 7%

Tata Power has enhanced its renewable portfolio by 7% to 3,883 mega watts (MW) and plans to add 700 MW in the near future to take the capacity to 4,600 MW.

More than a third of Tata Power’s portfolio comes from clean energy. Of the 3,383 MW, 932 MW comes from wind and 1,705 MW comes from solar alone.

Tata Power constantly strives to proliferate the company’s renewable energy portfolio with each passing year. They have successfully added a capacity of 312 MW last year and are in the process of adding another 700 MW.

They aim to add a large amount of renewable energy capacity through wind, rooftop solar, solar panels and microgrids every year and scale up the existing portfolio in the next five years.

About 36% of the firm’s capacity comes from clean generation sources, and is about 1% of India’s total capacity of 372 GW.

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