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IKEA Join Hands With Solargain To Offer Rooftop Solar

Swedish furniture and homewares giant Ikea has a new plan to save Australians money on their electricity bill by selling solar panel solutions.

The retailer has teamed up with Australian solar energy specialists Solargain to offer the packages, designed to be an “affordable, turnkey home solar system”.

Ikea is selling two packages in the new Solstråle range.

The first is a simple rooftop solar package that can generate electricity from the sun during the day as well as feed electricity back into the grid (saving you money on your power bill).

The second package includes a battery storage system so you can bank up electricity to use at night or when the sun isn’t shining as much.

Ikea will also sell an add-on “smart meter” that you can use to monitor your energy consumption through an app so you can see how much you’re generating and using.

Rooftop solar is a big contributor to Australia’s renewable energy generation, and it’s on the rise.

The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources recently estimated that the amount of energy produced by solar has jumped to 46 per cent last year, resulting in a two percent renewable energy’s contribution to the grid.

Prices differ depending on how big your house is, the complexity of the installation, and the state you live in but this move will encourage Ikea customers to live a more sustainable everyday life by removing the barriers to investing in renewable energy.

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