DreamCase – A Portable Bed That Connects Mobility With Nature

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DreamCase is an innovative product (and company) that aims to connect 21st century mobility with nature. Tesla enthusiasts love going on road trips, and this is the perfect accessory for hardcore no-hotel road trips.

The portable bed works for many different brands and models, but Tesla vehicles are featured in their ads and marketing materials, primarily the Model S.

DreamCase has just released its product for the Model Y. For a cool $679 you get:

  • 90 cm x 194 cm portable folding memory foam mattress.
  • Microfiber foam cover.
  • Carbon finish bound together with microbes and a durable zipper mechanism.
  • 0–rest in 150 seconds.
  • Quick Pack mode in <60 seconds duvet and travel pillows.
DreamCase has mattresses for brands such as Audi, BMW, Maserati, Ford, Porsche, and Mazda, just to name a few.

The idea is transforming a luxury car into a luxury double bed while enabling one to fully enjoy the outdoors from the safety of their own vehicle.

There’s no doubt, though — this is best for a Tesla, which you can enjoy in Camp Mode, and without burning any deadly fossil fuels. You could also turn on a Netflix movie, YouTube show, or something on Hulu while resting on the mattress.

This is not a sponsored post. We just think this product is cool 🙂

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