Reel- The Bamboo Based Sustainable Toilet Paper

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Many consumers had started to look for something more sustainable in their toilet papers so they switched to Reel, as the traditional paper had many limitations and was not sustainable in the long run.

Reel is a new kind of bamboo-based toilet paper that’s specifically designed with sustainability in mind.

Regular toilet paper made from trees is tremendously wasteful, not to mention untenable in the long term. So the idea behind making Reel toilet paper out of bamboo is that it cuts down on the massive deforestation that is happening all over the world.

We’re all familiar with the stereotype attached to so-called “green” products: if it’s better for the environment, it’s lower quality. This is true with eco-friendly toilet paper as well, which is often much harsher than normal TP. But with Reel, the stereotype just isn’t true.

With more than a million rolls sold so far, it seems safe to say that there are lots of happy customers out there who, as far as comfort or quality is concerned, don’t consider Reel a sacrifice for the greater good.

Every roll of Reel premium bamboo toilet paper is made from 100 percent bamboo with plastic-free packaging. Each box comes with a generous 24 three-ply rolls, and costs $29.99 per box, as either a one-time order or a monthly subscription service that delivers a new box to your door every month.

Each roll is also individually wrapped in 100 percent recyclable plastic-free material to avoid the need for the larger plastic wrapping you see with typical TP at the store.

Given their environmental credentials, it almost goes without saying that it’s free of any inks, dyes, or chemicals. So happy sustainable Shiting… 😉

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