HERA – A Breakthrough In Commercial Green Aviation

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Hybrid Electric Airplane

EAG, a UK-based engineering and development company, presented what appears to be the world’s first hybrid electric airplane for regional fleets.

It’s called the HERA, and with its ultra-low operating cost, whisper-quiet running, and room for up to 70 commercial passengers, the new concept promises to reinvigorate the sustainable mass transportation market.

EAG plans to have the HERA — for Hybrid Electric Regional Aircraft — in production and flying passengers by 2028, which will offer carriers short take-off-and-landing performance, a flexible cabin design for quick transformation between passenger and cargo configurations, and an operating range of 800 nautical miles.

70+ seat hybrid electric regional aircraft offers low noise 24/7 operation with short take-off and landing (STOL) performance using the proprietary Gear Assisted Take-off Run (GATOR) system.

HERA can utilise small regional airports, deliver passengers nearer to their destination to secure an end to end reduction in carbon footprint and bring convenience for passenger that can translate to premium fares.

The 24/7 STOL performance will enable the aircraft to land in the proximity of warehouses which will enable private sector cargo fleet managers such Amazon Air, FedEx, UPS, etc. to optimize the last mile terrestrial logistics and delivery system.

The aircraft also deploy an innovative Potential Energy Recovery System (PERS) allowing battery neutral operation i.e. no charging infrastructure needed.

The PERS system will enable no charging of batteries upon landing and quick turnaround time to maximize airlines revenue potential. The aircraft can fly to more airports and destination due to its STOL and battery-neutral performance.

The HERA is aimed at not only offering a greener alternative for airlines, but at being a “practical aircraft, able to generate profit for its operators.

Reference- EAG website &PR, Electrek, BBC, Asia Times

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