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ExaWind – Understanding The Intricacies Of Wind Plant Flow Dynamics

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Designing and installing wind power plants is an expensive and time-consuming venture, and most current modeling and engineering tools are just not up to the task of tackling the intricacies of wind power plant flow dynamics, particularly in offshore environments.

Driven by the immense power of high-performance computing (HPC), ExaWind is an open-source suite of physics codes and libraries that enables multi-fidelity simulation of wind turbines and wind power plants.

These groundbreaking simulations create a computer-generated environment where they can test their designs in real-time and move forward in product development with confidence — minimizing industry risk and ensuring optimized performance down the road.

ExaWind essentially enables researchers to unlock the secrets of flow dynamics, allowing engineers to take a virtual peek inside the operations of a wind power plant and evaluate their designs within this computer-generated environment.

Employing the Summit supercomputer at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, one of the world’s fastest, as well as next-generation exascale-class supercomputers, the team hopes that one day the resulting high-fidelity models will enable a great leap in the understanding of, and ability to predict, complex flows and turbine responses in wind farms.

And better prediction leads to better outcomes.

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