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Model Y Single-motor Standard Range Version To Cost $8,000 Less…

Model Y

Rumors have been swirling for the past several months that Tesla would soon offer a single-motor Standard Range version of the Model Y to go with its SR+ Model 3 sedan.

However, last week the company pulled the trigger on the Model Y Standard Range, which will sell for $41,990 — $8,000 less than the dual-motor Long Range that has been the primary choice of most buyers until now.

The first question that comes to mind is what’s the difference in range?

The answer is, quite a lot. The Model Y Long Range is rated at 326 miles (525 Kms). The Standard Range? 244 miles (392 Kms). That’s a 82 mile ( 132 Kms) difference.

The SR and LR have the same top speed — 135 mph — but the LR gets to 60 mph a half second quicker — 4.8 seconds versus 5.3 seconds. Other than that, the cars are virtually identical. Less range, less money. More range, more money.

It is also available for the first time as a seven passenger vehicle for an additional $3,000. There’s a good chance the Model Y SR could become Tesla’s best selling car in near future.

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