GoodWe Inverter

GoodWe Captures The No.1 Slot In Indian Rooftop Solar Inverter Space

GoodWe has been recognized as the No.1 Rooftop Solar Inverter supplier in India with a 17% market share. The results were confirmed by JMK Research & Analytics.

GoodWe started its inverter business in India in 2015. After years of continuous research and strategic deployment, they now boast of the industry’s most comprehensive residential, C&I and utility scale solar inverter solutions, with a wide range of products from 1kW to 250kW Solutions.

In the past 10 years, the company has brought a wide range of products to the market. GoodWe XS, DNS and SDT G2 are the most popular for the residential sector; extremely compact but with high efficiency up to 98.3%.

As for the C&I sector the company is dedicated to maximizing ROI for system owners. GoodWe MT and HT series are the preferred choices from this segment.

The inverters have been deployed on the premises of Global Top 500 Companies, like TATA, Bosch, Siemens, Toyota, Coca Cola and other renowned companies worldwide, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio, superior quality and unparalleled service.

Their strategy of steady investments in R&D and in its team of more than 400 engineers are one of the reasons behind this position of leadership in such a big and competitive market.

This is a Businesswire Feed; edited by Clean-Future Team