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GoodWe Captures The No.1 Slot In Indian Rooftop Solar Inverter Space

GoodWe has been recognized as the No.1 Rooftop Solar Inverter supplier in India with a 17% market share. The

How Solar Trackers Boost PV Energy Production

The very first commercial silicon cells, produced in 1954, maxed out at only 2 percent of sunlight converted, and sold

We Are Seeing A 100% Growth, Says Lumnious Power

Clean Future spoke with Sachin Bhalla, Sr. Vice President Marketing, Luminous Power Technologies about the solar energy market in

Sungrow plans 3-GW PV inverter factory in Bengaluru

Sungrow, an inverter solution supplier for the renewable energy industry, announced its new factory in Bangalore (also know as

GST has increased the Solar Project cost by 12%

All India Solar Industries Association (AISIA) while petitioning the government against the rise in tax incidence on solar power

Commitment to India’s greener future

Clean Future in conversation with Mr.Himanshu Pandit, Chief Operating Officer at Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics, Ahmedabad about the manufacturing

Su-kam provides clean and green energy

Clean Future in conversation with Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director of Su-Kam, India’s leading power solution company and house hold name

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