Battery Smart

Battery Smart To Develop Swapping Network in Delhi-NCR

Delhi-based Battery Smart aims to develop a dense battery swapping network to enable electric vehicles (EV) to avoid charging hassles, save time and thus bring down costs for EV owners and drivers.

Battery Smart

The startup has partnered with battery manufacturers to bring Lithium-ion batteries compatible with electric rickshaws and cargo vehicles in Delhi-NCR region.

The startup claims that EV drivers can increase their income by 50-75% by switching over to Smart Battery. The batteries are manufactured and owned by asset leasing companies such as OEMs or purely asset leasing companies and leased out on Battery Smart.

The swapping stations are exclusively rented on contractual basis and the startup has no ownership over the stations.

EV drivers can walk in, swap batteries and continue with their ride. There are smart meters on the vehicles which indicate when to swap. It would cost 100-150 per swap and the range is 70-75 km.

Battery Smart has raised its seed round and has been doing 20,000 swaps a month since June last year. They aim to have a swapping station after every one km in Delhi-NCR region and in the next six months will set up around 300 such stations.

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