EV charging

EV Charging Stations – The New Service Offering At Indian Hotels

Indian domestic travelers have enjoyed road trips in the past year and an increasing number of these tourists will be electric vehicle (EV) owners going forward.


As per a recent report, annual sales of electric vehicles in India are expected to increase from 380,000 units in 2019-20 to 6.3 million units by 2027. However, electric car owners are still wary of long road trips due to the lack of adequate charging stations in the country.

The hospitality sector can help reduce the country’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure gap. In line with this thought, the Delhi state government recently directed commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, malls, and office spaces, etc.

With parking for more than 100 vehicles to reserve at least 5% of the area for EVs and also install electric vehicle charging points.

Moreover, electric vehicle car manufacturers and service providers in the country are likely to ramp up their destination charging initiatives by partnering with hoteliers to install charging stations at their premises to enhance the car ownership experience for their customers.

Providing guests an opportunity to charge their electric vehicles at the hotel premises will soon become an additional service offering at most hotels in the country.

For instance, Marriott has close to 3,137 charging stations globally, of which around 10 are in India.

Having an EV charging station on its premises can become a competitive advantage for a hotel, as a growing number of electric vehicle owners will prefer to stay at hotels with appropriate EV charging infrastructure during their road trips and holidays.

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