Resato Introduces A Cost-effective Solution For Hydrogen Refueling

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Verder International has announced the launch of the first hydrogen vehicle. It’s subsidiary Resato International contributed to the realization of the first car on this “fuel of the future”

Resato (high-pressure technologies) has produced a cost-effective solution for hydrogen refueling; a hydrogen refueling fleet owner station (FOS). In this way,  hydrogen cars can be fully charged within 50 minutes at 700 bar.

Hydrogen is extracted from oil, gas, biofuel, sewage sediment and water. It results in safe fuel for future generations and environmentally friendly energy security for everyone. Water is the only by-product in the production of electricity from hydrogen.

Resato’s solution is meant for companies that really want to make their fleet more sustainable. Using this hydrogen fuel station, the car can be charged efficiently and quickly on its own company premises.

Another advantage is the higher efficiency, which generally means less fuel. And hydrogen gives zero-emission for carbon dioxide.

By using renewable energy in the extraction of hydrogen, the entire process is completely emission-free. That makes this an ideal form of green energy.

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