Eviation aircraft

Eviation Aircraft To Launch Commercial Electric Airplane Services Soon…

Eviation Aircraft, which is developing and manufacturing efficient electric aircraft with the goal of making electric aviation a competitive and sustainable alternative to the current aircraft is one step closer to launching commercial electric flights.
Eviation Aircraft

Its first aircraft is named Alice. The Alice is an all-electric aircraft that is able to fly 9 passengers for up to 440 nautical miles.

The Alice uses an EPU (electric propulsion unit) from magniX, a company that is on a mission to lead the commercial aerospace and defense industries.

These magniX EPU systems have been powering aircraft in flight since December of 2019, and are currently in the process of gaining FAA Part 33 certification in 2022.

After many successful flights and tests of the magniX EPUs, Eviation is confident of bringing Alice to market and delivering a sustainable, scalable mobility solution that will revolutionize passenger and cargo flights.

Eviation has plans to start a robust flight testing and certification program. Currently, the company operates in the U.S. and Israel and is a member of the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA).

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