GEEBEE – An All Terrain Stand-up Electric Scooter

GEEBEE a stand-up electric scooter company based in Sherbrooke, Canada is making news these days for a couple of reasons. First, the design of its vehicle looks something like a hybrid between a bike and a stand-up scooter.


They have designed their scooter to be all-terrain and able to go pretty much anywhere. Both the tires and the front fork come from motorcycle manufacturers.

The GEEBEE is also 86 pounds (39 Kg), much heavier than the 30-pound scooters parked in cities across the US, and can hold up to 300 pounds with a front basket, so you can load it with both heavy people and objects.

Other interesting aspects of the GEEBEE in addition to its durability are that it can go 20 mph (30 Kms/ equivalent in speed to an e-bike), has a thumb throttle similar to a scooter, and boasts regenerative braking to recover energy while you’re slowing down.

The battery will get you about 35 miles (56 Kms) of range and is swappable.

GEEBEE is concentrating on selling to fleet owners in cities and companies to reduce the use of gas-powered vehicles in their fleets. They’ve also sold scooters to hotels who wanted to give their guests something exciting to scoot around town in.

GEEBEE has just won the solar impulse efficient solutions label, which is a certification that spun off from the round-the-world flight by the solar-powered plane called the Solar Impulse. This label exists to recognize technologies that are solving the climate crisis.

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