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Electric scooters

Sale Of Electric Scooters Have Fallen Due To Fire Incidence

Only 1% of home customers expect to purchase an electric scooter in the next six months, according to a

Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors Will Invest Rs.600 Cr. In An Electric Avatar…

Hindustan Motors (HM), the makers of the renowned “Ambassador,” will return to the market as a pure electric vehicle

scooter fires

Recent Scooter Fires Have Tarnished The Electric Scooter’s Image

Robots glide silently over the large production floor of Ola Electric Mobility, a manufacturer of electric scooters. The company

scooter fire

Savë Electric Scooters From Fire…

We’ve been plagued with reports of electric scooters catching fire in recent days. It is now one of the

This Time, The Entire Electric Scooter Dealership Goes Up In Flames…

As mercury levels climb in the country, multiple incidences of electric scooters catching fire have grabbed headlines in recent

Electric Vehicle

The Electric Vehicle Revolution Appears to Have Arrived in India:-)

The much-anticipated electric vehicle (EV) revolution has finally arrived in India. Because of a 16-20% increase in petrol costs

Electric scooter

20 Electric Scooters Catch Fire While In Transit…

Electric scooters and fires seem to be synonymous these days, and in what may be the worst EV fire


Ola Scooter Catches Fire In Pune…

An Ola S1 pro electric scooter caught fire just months after it was launched. On Saturday, a video of

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