Haskel Unveils Nano And Nano Pro Hydrogen Refueling Stations


Haskel that supports global refueling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility, has developed a new cost-effective hydrogen fueling stations – Nano and Nano Pro.

The new systems are compact, plug-and-play hydrogen refueling stations aimed at serving the needs of small fleet customers. With a flexible configuration for specific vehicle applications and a smaller footprint, the Nano stations are easily portable and will integrate seamlessly with existing or new infrastructures.

Haskel Nano and Nano Pro are small scale, pneumatic-operated hydrogen refueling stations developed to meet the needs of growing hydrogen refueling infrastructures.

Designed for small fleet operators, Nano and Nano Pro offer key advantages and design features:

  • Small footprint
  • Simple plug-and-play installation and integration
  • Flexible configuration to specific vehicle applications
  • Easy to relocate from one location to another

Nano Pro is a standalone ‘Plug and play’ solution with built-in air compression and PLC functionality. Nano Pro can accept hydrogen from a variety of sources and is ideally suited to small scale operations or demonstrations.

Nano Pro is designed with integrated storage to fill FCEV’s to 35 MPa in under 10 minutes with the option of a 70 MPa “top off.”

In addition to developing the Nano Range, Haskel continues to strategically invest in creating a global H2 business and is looking to build on its current successes.

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